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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We're almost moving!

Hey guys! :)
We've all had fun here in our blogsite but it's about time that we'd have a real site :)
So I'm currently working on the site right now.. It'll somehow look the same as the blogsite but it's going to be better! I've added a Photo and Video page for easier viewing of Robi's photos and videos, maybe I'll add an in-site forum, etc. :)

I hope you'll like the site! I'll launch it soon :)

- Jam :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ROBI STORIES sender for the week: Markie! :)

Name: Markie Castillo

Story: Faultless Timing
If I had to name one great episode of my life that would epitomize a truly 'faultless' experience, it would have to be in ABS-CBN. Not all were lucky enough to be given an opportunity to be trained by the brilliant name in the field of Television production of ABS. Uneasy, pressured and worried if I actually fit in to this field I had chosen.

After a two-day orientation sometime in November, we were first deployed in television production. I and my friend Alaisa were assigned to one of the top rated show of ABS-CBN, The Singing Bee. After we met our associate producer, Alaisa asked me to watch Wowowee but unfortunately, we were not lucky to get in the studio so we decided to just walk around the ABS-CBN’s gallery, we were walking along the Studio 4 when suddenly on the intersection, there was Robi Domingo pulling his trolley. The long wait is over. Finally, I got the chance to see him. I asked Robi if we could have a picture together, he said yes and invited us to watch his taping for Studio 23 so we go there to watch him. It was such a nice experience for me; picture taking, a bit of chit chat here and there. According to Robi, I could always catch him every Tuesdays and Wednesdays for his taping. Maybe I was really destined to see him that day instead of making it to Wowowee. Hahaha!

I was lucky that we had Robi as a guest in The Singing Bee, I remember the date December 02, 2009 which was also the time that we became close. We had a more time of bonding. All things were going smoothly but the unexpected happened. I was accused for something that has to do with personal matter with Robi. I was really afraid that time for what would happen to me during my internship. Our closeness was tested it was Robi who said that there was nothing to worry about; I owe Robi a lot for that one. Even though I was done with my internship in television for I have to go to another medium of Communication we still manage to see each other in ABS, go with him during out of town show and keep in touch once in a while through texting. One thing I missed about Robi is that everytime I'm going home to Batangas he'll text me to bring him buko as pasalubong (imagine how weighty it is to carry) but I gave him a bunch of Tabliya instead. And before I forgot he gave me two shirts as remembrance. He also gave me a cap yung binigay sa kanila sa loob ng PBB house na ginamit nila sa palawan.

To sum up everything I encountered during my internship it was a great experience that I will forever cherish and will look forward to work in ABS-CBN after my graduation. The experiences I had with the people I worked with in The Singing Bee and Showtime were such a great privilege for someone like me. My life during internship was somehow change in a way that I had to set aside some personal interest, be responsible and of course to be more professional as far as work is concern.

Message for Robi:
Thanks for being such a good friend bro. I'll see you soon. Take Care and God Bless! :)


Awesome story, Markie! This is proof of how nice and thoughtful our Robi is! :D

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